Admission Requirements

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IDEP Application

The spring semester in has brought many unexpected changes to higher education as universities, colleges, and testing centers respond to the novel coronavirus COVID pandemic. Many of these changes are outside of the control of applicants to dental school. This section will address how the admissions process at the University of Florida College of Dentistry will accommodate some of these changes for applicants.

This section contains the most current information available and will be updated as needed by the team in the Office of Admissions at UF College of Dentistry. Applicants who submit these materials after November 16th, will be considered on a space-available basis. An application will only be reviewed if the applicant is a United States citizen or United States permanent resident green card holder at the time of submission.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) is the state’s public health, law, and human services university devoted to excellence in professional and graduate.

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Dentistry , also known as dental medicine and oral medicine , is a branch of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis , prevention, and treatment of diseases , disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity , commonly in the dentition but also the oral mucosa , and of adjacent and related structures and tissues, particularly in the maxillofacial jaw and facial area. Dentistry is often also understood to subsume the now largely defunct medical specialty of stomatology the study of the mouth and its disorders and diseases for which reason the two terms are used interchangeably in certain regions.

Dental treatments are carried out by a dental team, which often consists of a dentist and dental auxiliaries dental assistants , dental hygienists , dental technicians , as well as dental therapists. Most dentists either work in private practices primary care , dental hospitals or secondary care institutions prisons, armed forces bases, etc.

Does it matter what size academic load I carried in undergraduate school? We recommend that applicants carry a full academic load ( credit hours) per.

Are you thinking about taking a gap year? Make sure you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish during this time away from school and plan wisely—a year or two can fly by. Gap Year: A span of time between the end of undergraduate education and the beginning of dental school. It can be longer than a year depending on your circumstances. This is an opportunity to work on strengthening your application, therefore, you should approach the gap year with a plan. How will you spend your time, what kinds of things will you do to improve your application.

Some students have decided to take a gap year because they believe they need the rest before starting dental school. If you are taking a gap year because you feel you need a break, then it is important to maybe work on yourself. Work on finding ways to handle stress, learn and practice meditation or work on your overall health.

Find something that is mentally stimulating and expands your mind.

How to Have a Long Distance Relationship in Dental School

Plus, resources for the Penn Dental Medicine community and alumni. Penn Dental Medicine seeks DMD applicants with a broad and strong educational background, who will have completed a four-year degree program prior to matriculation. While a foundation in science is desirable preparation for dental school, well-prepared candidates also possess course work in humanities, social science, and the arts. Non-science majors are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to those who have completed upper division science courses beyond the minimum requirements.

appropriate/official graduation date has passed. Transcripts include the signature of the School of Dental Medicine Registrar and the Boston University seal.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The graduate Doctor of Dental Medicine DMD program extends over 4 years and is clinically focused with early clinical contact and exposure to research activity. These programs enrich the training environment at the School, and offer opportunities for advanced patient care. OHCWA offers a full range of general and speciality dental services to the Western Australian community, and we are proud of the high standard of care provided by our clinicians, dental clinical assistants and laboratory technicians.

To be recognised internationally as a contemporary, progressive, innovative and vibrant centre of excellence in dentistry. To achieve excellence in dental education, research and oral health care to the benefit of our local community and the advancement of dentistry globally. You will learn by treating patients under close supervision by highly experienced and skilled tutors, or by observing general and specialist dentists treating a wide range of dental conditions. Successful graduates can register with the Dental Board of Australia as a dentist and enter the profession immediately.

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Registration Process

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical professions, dating back to B. By the s, dentistry had become a more defined profession. In , Pierre Fauchard, a French surgeon credited as the Father of Modern Dentistry, published his influential book, The Surgeon Dentist, a Treatise on Teeth, which for the first time defined a comprehensive system for caring for and treating teeth.

Additionally, Fauchard first introduced the idea of dental fillings and the use of dental prosthesis, and he identified that acids from sugar led to tooth decay. In , the first dental college Baltimore College of Dental Surgery opened, establishing the need for more oversight.

Results from the DAT will be available 8 weeks following the date of the exam. It is very important that you verify the admission deadlines of your dental schools.

The dental profession is a bright spot in the cloudy future U. Students with a bent for the biological sciences, who are good with their hands and have an interest in helping others should be able to find good jobs in the dental field. First, of course, they must be willing to work hard to get accepted to dental school and to excel while they’re there. There are several reasons that the dental profession is expected to grow faster than most in the U.

First, many baby boomer dentists are beginning to retire or work fewer hours. As a result, many of them will be unwilling to take on new patients. Second, enrollment in dental schools declined in the mids. The high mark of enrollment in dental schools came in the school year, when there were nearly 23, students in American dental schools [source: ADA ]. In the mids, enrollment began to drop amid fears of a glut of dentists. A few dental schools closed and the number of new dentists tapered off for a while.

As of March , there are more than 19, students each year in pre-doctoral dental schools [source: ADA ]. Yet, there is a shortage of dentists in many parts of the U. Even as older dentists are retiring or seeing fewer patients, the demand for dental services is increasing.


A: Our incoming class averages are:. Competitive scores this year were 22 and higher. If your scores are significantly lower than our class averages, we recommend to retake the Dental Admissions Test DAT. There is a day waiting period before you can retake the DAT. There is not a deadline to take the DAT, but preference for admission is given to students who provide DAT scores no later than November for the entering class of the following July.

The committee reviews the most recent DAT scores in the application.

Dentistry school attracts many aspiring health providers. But given the student Get someone else to pay for dental school. Apply for every.

We have done a great deal of planning and preparation to ensure that we are compliant with all federal, state, city, and University regulations required to reconvene safely to continue the semester. As we look ahead to the coming academic year, we know the risk from COVID cannot be eliminated; however, with conscientious adherence to the safety and health protocols that have been put in place, we believe it can be managed effectively. Accordingly, as we are now one month away from the anticipated September 8 start date of blended classes for the DDS program — and as the University has finalized its policy for quarantining and guidance for testing , which applies to all students, within the last several days — I am writing to inform you that you will receive schedules on or before August 21, and each class will also receive class-specific details in a separate email.

We are optimistic that our planning and your compliance will help keep everyone in our community safe, and that we will have a successful return to campus. Indeed, maintaining the safety and health of everyone in the NYU Dentistry community in the coming year is a mutual responsibility; we must work together to keep each other safe.

As has been the case since the start of the pandemic, and as much as we all yearn for certainty amid evolving circumstances, our plans to move forward remain subject to city, state, and federal public health guidelines, as well as approval by the University and the New York State Department of Health. Accordingly, as we are now one month away from the anticipated September 2nd start date of blended classes for the dental hygiene programs — and as the University has finalized its policy for quarantining and guidance for testing , which applies to all students, within the last several days — I am writing to call your attention to this policy.

Accordingly, as we are now one month away from the anticipated September 8 start date of blended classes — and as the University has finalized its policy for quarantining and guidance for testing , which applies to all students, within the last several days — I am writing to call your attention to this policy, the highlights of which are summarized below. Please pay specific attention to the schedules that you receive, and most especially to the communications and directives that you receive directly from each of your programs.

Several of the Advanced Education Programs have standardization training sessions scheduled to begin in late August. Students will be required to attest that they completed the mandatory day quarantine — as well as submit a negative COVID test — before coming to campus. Details will be forthcoming on the University website. We strongly recommend that students coming from outside the tri-state area NY, NJ, CT but not from restricted states also arrive and quarantine for two weeks before entering any NYU building.

We strongly recommend that students coming from outside the tri-state area be tested before beginning their travel to New York.

DDS Admissions

Interested in seeking treatment in the student clinic? Dial to schedule a screening appointment, which will help determine if your needs are a suitable match for our student doctors. In our comprehensive care clinic, students spend significant time evaluating all aspects of your dental and oral health to offer you various treatment options, most often beginning with a cleaning or deep cleaning. Then, they will follow a specified treatment sequence.

Comprehensive care means we take a long-term approach for helping you achieve the best health for your mouth.

All prerequisite courses should be completed by the spring term, prior to matriculation to dental school. Although there is no expiration date for prerequisite.

New classes of DDS and dental hygiene students arrived this month. Gies Award Achievement — Dental Educator. Plagued by migraines? The University of Maryland School of Dentistry offers a full range of high quality dental care for adults, children and patients with special needs. UMSOD also offers specialty services for patients with more complex dental needs, including: endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, oral-maxillofacial surgery and orthodontics.

An Urgent Care walk-in clinic provides emergency services for patients experiencing pain and swelling. The University of Maryland School of Dentistry offers educational programs in dentistry and dental hygiene, as well as residencies in advanced general dentistry and seven dental specialties, PhD and dual degree programs. Our students receive a world-class education from exceptional faculty members in a state-of-the-art facility.

The University of Maryland School of Dentistry UMSOD is committed to promoting ongoing development and enhancement of the curriculum and providing a contemporary dental education for students, while ensuring their wellness. UMSOD offers many resources to enrich your education. Our strong network of alumni and friends is crucial to the success of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Stay connected with us! Join us for a complimentary alumni reception, sign up to receive our alumni e-newsletter, share news with your classmates, learn how you can help dental students succeed and be sure to save the date for the All Alumni Reunion Weekend on June , Working together, we can achieve even greater success.


Open All Close All. However, a degree is strongly recommended because it affords the individual with a broad, liberal education. A degree also provides one with a major field of study, on which to build, if dentistry turns out to be a poor career choice for the individual. If you are an outstanding two-year applicant, who really has explored the dental profession, we will consider you.

We recommend that applicants carry a full academic load credit hours per semester and suggest taking a minimum of science courses each term. This gives you a chance to preview what is in store for you in dental school i.

At least one of the evaluators must be a Dean or faculty from dental school you received your two to three weeks in advance of their scheduled interview date.

The UNE College of Dental Medicine seeks high-quality, self-motivated, ethical applicants to become dentists through our program that incorporates the latest in dental practices, equipment, and technology, as well as principles in public health, health policy, and business. During our program, you are providing care to a wide variety of patients in our clinic on the Portland Campus and in clinics throughout Northern New England.

Our primary goal is to attract students who share our educational objectives and can be successful in the curriculum. We are looking for a diverse and balanced student population, and will consider both academic and non-academic criteria in assessing candidates for admission. The UNE CDM Admissions Committee will review the candidate’s statement and may decide to begin evaluating the application materials prior to the receipt of the missing items.

Thus, it is important that candidates complete all other components of their applications as early in the cycle as possible to potentially avoid delays in the processing of their applications. All applicants are required to apply online through this service. Completed a minimum of 90 semester quarter credits at a U. The U.