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Equipping optics would be a great idea for this tactic. Ive been playing it a lot like i did the amx 13 75 except on this little monster ive been experimenting with passive scouting. Its probably a good thing they got rid of it but the autoloader was great fun on the 59 Wot 59 16 review. Selfworldoftanks submitted 6 years ago by kaltivel just opening a laid back discussion on this little tank. Lately i was 3 marking 59 16 amazing machine and 64 was my nemesis every single time. The small size and agility of the 59 16 can let you drive around a map lighting up enemy positions as you use the terrain to keep yourself as hidden as you can. Unsubscribe from capt canada. Not as bad as you think it is.

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The tank has been given the title of the best-protected tanks in the world. Please vote on the best tank and post your rationale below. Very prone to HE. Can do early game scouting followed by mid and late game roving looking for opportunities. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen. It has a crafty small build and is very versatile.

ELC AMX (WoT) | stnylan’s musings; Wot matchmaking; Medieval People by Eileen Power; Replay’s comments (0). Non sedating antihistamines in.

By Ekozilla , June 12, in China. I hate the guns, hate the matchmaking. It has good camo, but so many maps are now corridors that I have a hard time getting anything done with this POS. Currently running it with camo net, binocs, and a rammer. I went autoloading gun and used it to bully light tanks and tanks without armor. But then again I hate the tanks. The autoloader is a trap. Camo net and Binocs are something I only use when I’m too cheap to buy other equipment. Is it even worse than the T21?

I’ve got the unlocked but by the sounds of it I might just hold off until I’ve got the T21 and AMX 12t done before I take the plunge. It’s really not bad by the measure of tier 6 lights, its exceptional attribute is camo. The 57mm with gold has plenty of pen, at least in theory.

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Valorant gun tier list july Valorant gun tier list july. There are a few five-stacks worth picking up from top esports organizations, and the Hungarians are definitely near the front of that list. Introduced a few weeks after the initial launch of Apex Legends, the Havoc’s effectiveness as a top-tier weapon has often been the topic of much debate among players.

It’s great both at a medium distance or up close, and has a drop-off rate that Ashe Sejuani continues to be an S Tier deck.

questions. Elite international matchmaking & introduction examples. Matchmaking temporary cooldown meaning. Dating sites Matchmaking work.

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Jump to content. Come on guys, as if the tank was not bad enough! The autoloader was what made that tank unique! Now it is just a pile of crap with the new gun! Sure it fires fast but the autoloader was the only good part about the tank, I do not want to play it anymore, one of my favorite tanks is now gone. Surely this is not too much to ask, if you cant restore the old autoloader at least introduce a dumbed down one with 4 shells instead!

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Jump to content. Percentage of vote: Percentage of vote: 1. Legault, on 20 January – AM, said:.

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In my oppinion the article is unnecessarily long, perhaps instead of having a elaborate list of all the weapons in the game, have just a very short section regarding the subject and provide a link to a main article named"weapons in Halo 3” or something. What are you trying to do? For most things I’d use Sandtrap because there are large open areas and the map is huge. To contain the explosion you should build a cage of boxes. A good detonater would be a well placed spike grenade.

John95 , 23 July UTC. I think it should also be noted on this article that a large percentage of the U. People everywhere were calling in sick to their schools and jobs coincidentally on the same day Halo 3 was released. I think Halo 3 may have some part in this grand conspiracy. I was sick that day! It’s the halo virus

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The fits your textbook definition of a scout tank. It’s premium ammo can pen almost all tanks within its matchmaker tier when fired at the. World of Tanks on.

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